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Top 7 Home Decor Stores in Calgary

Canadians love decorating their homes. There are lots of stores available in Calgary for Canadians to buy home decor items. Each store has something new to offer. Whether you wish to set up a new house or redesign your old house, there are showrooms in the city for everything. Calgary has home decor shops for different tastes and budgets. Here are our top 7 picks:

Shaun Ford & Co.

Founded in 2008 by Shaun Ford, who believes design is an art, Shaun Ford & Co. is a renowned interior design company. They have a vast collection of elegant, sophisticated, contemporary products made by expert architects and designers. Their world-class products, coupled with highly professional and talented interior designers, make the homes of Calgarians a beautiful place to live in. The design acumen of Shaun Ford, coupled with the extraordinary skills and knowledge of his team makes Shaun Ford & Co. one of the most sought-after interior design firms in Calgary.

Dwell Modern and Lightform

Dwell Modern and Lightform is a store where Calgarians can find home decor items from all across Europe. A large part of their collection contains furniture from France and Italy. This company has sixty-five European brands under it. Here, you can also find some classic European designs such as Foscarini and Flos. They have showrooms in Calgary and Edmonton. They regularly upgrade their stock with fresh items.

Bex Vintage

Bex Vintage is famous for mid-century antique pieces of furniture. They have a range of classic and vintage pieces that are timeless. They constantly update their stock by buying old furniture from families moving out of Calgary. This is a place where people can sell their retro furniture while shifting homes or if they wish to buy new furniture. This store preserves the art of past artisans by keeping the old furniture in good condition. Their stock includes some amazing retro items from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

F2 Furnishings

F2 Furnishings is a furniture store specializing in modern and contemporary furniture. They have a huge collection of items for all your home decor needs. Whether you want something for your drawing room bedroom or some formal pieces for your office, F2 Furnishing is your go-to destination. Their products are made by local people, and they promote local brands. They have two stores in Canada, one in Calgary and another in Edmonton.l


EQ3 is a place where you can find chic, modern Canadian furniture. Their products are of high quality and long-lasting. All their products are manufactured in Canada under the same roof. Along with their top-notch products, they also have professionals to guide you on how to decorate your homes.

Kit Interior Objects

Kit Interior Objects is another famous furniture store in Calgary where the locals can find aesthetic and luxurious items for their homes. They contain a variety of unique pieces. Some of their signature items include tea towels by Marimekko, Knoll’s Barcelona chairs, Skandinavisk’s candles in Fjord or Hygge scents, and Finnish glassware from Iittala.

Maria Tomas

Maria Thomas is a store in Canada that was launched twenty years ago as a fabric store. Now, it has expanded its product range and includes indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, and wall paintings, along with classic fabrics. Some of their famous brands are Huppe, Trica, West Brothers Furniture, Brown Jordan, Frankford Umbrellas, Twist Productions, Lloyd Flanders, Origins Canada, and Jaipur Rugs.


There are a lot of home decor stores in Calgary. You can check the map to find a store in your locality. Not only the local people but tourists from all around the globe visit Calgary to shop for home decor items.

There are a lot of national and international furniture dealers with showrooms in Calgary. You can find all types of furniture in Calgary starting from contemporary to vintage pieces. This city also has several local boutiques that sell local products. You can get some beautiful home decoration items in these boutiques, such as cushions, table lamps, wall decorations, etc.

To conclude, there are diverse options available in Calgary for home decoration. Try to explore as much as possible.

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