Toilet Paper Holders

Know The 5 Types Toilet Paper Holders

One of the most overlooked yet essential things in any bathroom is the toilet paper holder. Without it, you may face unnecessary and inconvenient trips to the storeroom or the roll rolling away on the bathroom floor. However, toilet paper holders can do more than hold the tissue. With many different styles and designs, you can easily find one that adds functionality and beauty to your bathroom decor. Here are five of the best toilet paper holders that are both stylish and convenient.

1. Wall-mounted toilet paper holder –

This toilet paper holder is an excellent choice for people who want to save space. It is installed on the wall, leaving the floor clear for easy cleaning. Additionally, it is easy to reach and grab the paper as it is installed at the ideal height. Wall-mounted toilet paper holders are available in several designs, including metallic and wooden materials.

2. Freestanding toilet paper holder –

If you don’t want to make permanent changes to your bathroom wall, the freestanding toilet paper holder is the best option. It can hold multiple rolls of tissue at once, making it great for a family bathroom. In addition, you can choose from a variety of sleek designs to match your bathroom d├ęcor.

3. Double roll toilet paper holder –

This toilet paper holder is designed to hold two rolls of paper at once. Once one roll expires, the second roll falls into place and is ready to use. This is incredibly convenient since it saves you the hassle of continuously replacing the rolls. Some models also include a shelf that serves as additional storage space.

4. Recessed toilet paper holder –

Recessed toilet paper holders blend seamlessly into the wall, making it an excellent choice for people who appreciate minimalist design. They are ideal for small spaces and bathrooms that require a neat and tidy appearance. The recessed toilet paper holder saves space while providing convenience and a unique look.

5. Toilet paper holder with a storage compartment –

This type of toilet paper holder combines style and practicality. Not only does it hold the toilet paper roll, but it also has a storage compartment for other necessities. You can store items like additional toilet paper rolls, air freshener, or even your smartphone.


Choosing a toilet paper holder should not be a daunting task. With this list of the best toilet paper holders that are both stylish and convenient, you can find one that complements your bathroom’s aesthetics and meets all your needs. Whether you are looking to conserve bathroom space or add a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor, these five toilet paper holders will fit the bill!